Date of Award:


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Degree Name:

Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science


Amanda Hughes


This thesis describes the design, development, and evaluation of an interactive Microsoft HoloLens application that projects landscape models in Augmented Reality. The application was developed using the Unity framework and 3D models created in Sketchup. Using the application, students can not only visualize the models in real space but can also interact with the models using gestures. The students can interact with the models using gaze and air-tap gestures.

Application testing was conducted with 21 students from the Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning department at Utah State University. To evaluate the application, students completed a usability survey after using the application. Students also participated in a focus group. Results indicate that students were excited to use the application and found it helpful for learning landscape construction concepts. Some of the students found the application and the HoloLens device cumbersome to use, and they offered suggestions for how to improve the application. The thesis concludes with recommendations for future work.