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Master of Science (MS)


Applied Sciences, Technology, and Education

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Kelsey L. Hall


Kelsey L. Hall


Kerry A. Rood


Brian K. Warnick


The purpose of this research study was to compile regional profiles of the consumers who intend to consume grass-fed beef in the U.S. and to create marketing strategies that would assist producers in marketing their product to consumers. The researcher sent an online survey to a panel of 484 consumers across the U.S. to learn about their perceptions of and intention to purchase grass-fed beef.

Respondents had a weak, positive attitude toward purchasing grass-fed beef but had low knowledge of production practices. These consumers had a desire to eat healthier; however, they wanted meat that was priced right and had a desirable leanness. Consumers were divided based on U.S. regions (Northeast, Midwest, South, and West) to determine any differences in their knowledge, attitudes, subjective norm, importance of quality cues, meat and beef consumption habits, beef consumption habits, and meal preparations. The information gathered from respondents was used to create a marketing plan for each region of the U.S.

Recommendations for future research included exploring how the processing of meat, environmental attitudes, and eating habits influence consumers’ intention to purchase grass-fed beef. Information about consumer willingness to pay would also be helpful for grass-fed beef producers who are creating a marketing plan.