Date of Award:


Document Type:


Degree Name:

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

Committee Chair(s)

Bedri A. Cetiner (Committee Chair)


Bedri A. Cetiner


Rose Hu


Jacob Gunther


Doran Baker


T. C. Shen


Antennas enable wireless communication by transmission and reception of electromagnetic (EM) signals, which carry information in space. Signal reception and hence the quality of service depends significantly on the antenna properties, e.g. radiation pattern, operational frequency, and polarization. Legacy antennas, with their fixed properties, fail to adapt to the changing environment and degrade signal quality. Reconfigurable antennas (RAs) capable of changing their properties dynamically increase the capacity and data rate of wireless systems while offering a compact design. However, these advantages come at the cost of increased complexity compared to legacy antennas. Therefore it is important to design RAs with minimal complexity. To that end, this dissertation focuses on the development of a novel approach, three different RAs operating at three different frequency bands have been designed, fabricated and characterized. First RA works at the 5GHz band (4.9-5.1GHz) and obtains current beam steering and 3-dB beam width variability. An algorithm to choose the optimum mode of operation has also been developed. The design approach introduced in first RA has been exploited to design the second RA, which achieves beam steering and beam width variability for two polarizations and operates at the 28 GHz band (27.5-28.3 GHz). The third RA operates at the 3GHz band and simultaneously reconfigures impedance and radiation patterns.



Available for download on Tuesday, August 01, 2023