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Master of Science (MS)


Special Education and Rehabilitation


Thomas Higbee


Some children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) struggle to perform a series of academic tasks, like academic worksheets, independently. Photographic activity schedules are one technique that has been demonstrated to promote independent behavior in individuals with ASD. This study used a multiple baseline design across participants to examine how activity schedules impacted the accurate and independent completion of a series of academic tasks (i.e., worksheets) for young children with ASD. Participants included three young children with ASD 6 and 7 years old who performed a series of academic tasks in the presence of an adult, but struggled to display those concepts accurately in the absence of an adult. Procedures involved training participants to use activity schedules through graduated guidance until participants used activity schedules to accurately complete three academic tasks without additional assistance. Completing these worksheets using schedules not only improved student accuracy but also provided more opportunities for students to learn in an environment with their typically developing peers.