Date of Award:


Document Type:


Degree Name:

Master of Science (MS)


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Todd Moon


Jacob Gunther

Third Advisor:

Janak Sodha


Detecting and correcting errors occurring in the transmitted data through a channel is a task of great importance in digital communication. In Error Correction Coding (ECC), some redundant data is added with the original data while transmitting. By exploiting the properties of the redundant data, the errors occurring in the data from the transmission can be detected and corrected. In this thesis, a new coding algorithm named Signal Point Target Code has been studied and various properties of the proposed code have been extended.

Signal Point Target Code (SPTC) uses a predefined shape within a given signal constellation to generate a parity symbol. In this thesis, the relation between the employed shape and the performance of the proposed code have been studied and an extension of the SPTC are presented.

This research presents simulation results to compare the performances of the proposed codes. The results have been simulated using different programming languages, and a comparison between those programming languages is provided. The performance of the codes are analyzed and possible future research areas have been indicated.