Date of Award:


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Degree Name:

Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science


John Edwards


Stephen Clyde

Third Advisor:

Dean Mathais


A common practice in sports is to review film footage of a game. This is done in the hope that individuals on the team or the a team as a whole might learning something about technique, form, process, or strategy that they either did well on or need to improve on. We believe that the benefits of doing this could extend to computer science, and more specifically, the process of writing a computer program. This has never been done in the past, as such this research is exploratory in nature. A new tool called Phanon can record someone writing a computer program at a small fraction of the cost of recording video, which will make it easier to reproduce this research later at a larger scale. In this paper we explore the effects that watching video recordings of software development can have on the quality of new software being developed. While the results not conclusive we do suggest that there are beneficial effects and that this area of study deserves further exploration.