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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Watershed Sciences

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Sarah E. Null


Sarah E. Null


R. Ryan Dupont


Joanna Endter-Wada


Edd Hammill


Karin Kettenring


Ecosystem services, or benefits from the environment, are plentiful and vary from place to place. Human activities and climate change have impacted these services in every region of the world. This dissertation explores multiple ecosystem services, from water quality improvement to provisioning of fish and habitat, in multiple and international contexts. The first chapter synthesizes the literature on stormwater management and ecosystem services, finding that research at this intersection has provided many parcel-level studies and frameworks for implementing green infrastructure. The second chapter extends the stormwater management literature by quantifying the impacts of green infrastructure on water quantity and quality at the watershed scale, showing that various amounts of green stormwater infrastructure lead to reduction in peak flow and water quality improvements via reductions in total phosphorus loadings. The third chapter contributes to our understanding of fire trends in the Intermountain West, the economic impacts of fire, and how fire managers are adapting their actions and policies.The final chapter extends this dissertation to the Lower Mekong Basin, which is experiencing heavy fishing pressure that threatens the livelihoods and food security for millions in the Tonle Sap system of Cambodia. The results show that changes in timing, duration, and magnitude of flows from hydropower development pose risks for many migratory fish in this region. With interdisciplinary approaches, these chapters have led to a multi-faceted study of ecosystem services.