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Master of Science (MS)


Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Niel Allen


Niel Allen


Alfonso Torres-Rua


Matt Yost


Deficit irrigation can reduce agriculture water use making additional water available for other uses. This study looked at multi-year impacts of deficit irrigation on pasture yield. The results show that that early irrigation provides the most benefit to cool season pastures and late season irrigation only had small impacts on yield. According to this research, irrigation water can be saved without impacting the yield importantly.

Remote sensing techniques are becoming a part of agriculture. Yield predictions are important for the farmers and others involved with agriculture. In this research, relationships between the normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) calculated from remotely sensed data and pasture yields were developed. Additionally, un-maned aerial vehicle (UAV) and Sentinel-2 Satellite images were compared finding a strong correlation between them. This means that Sentinel-2 data which is readily available to the public on 5-day intervals can be used to predict pasture yield. This study was one of the rare studies that UAV and Satellite Images were compared. The correlation between them very high and helped to expand the dataset. The research was sponsored by Utah Agriculture Experiment Station and the cost was about $15,000 per year.