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Master of Science (MS)


Journalism and Communication

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Burrell F. Hansen


Burrell F. Hansen


Jeremy L. Allen


Emil Bohn


The purpose of this study is to identify the major problems and solutions for Chinese students in their adjustment to academic and social life at Utah State University. The author intended to give Chinese students an orientation through a series of five video scripts which could be later produced into a series of five video programs.

The adjustment problems of Chinese students were determined by reviewing related literature and by surveying 50 Chinese students at Utah State University. The solutions to those problems were determined by interviewing 10 professors and faculty members on the campus of Utah State University.

According to the major problems and solutions identified by reviewing related literature, by surveying Chinese students, and by interviewing information experts, the author ended up with five video scripts: (1) "New Soil--The Mormon Culture in Utah" introducing the Utah state and Mormon culture in Utah; (2) "It's a Small World" identifying the cultural differences between Americans and Chinese; (3) "Open Your Mouth" recommending Chinese students improve their English language proficiency in speaking as well as in listening comprehension; (4) "To Write" tells the audience of some techniques in English writing; (5) "Life in America" orienting Chinese students to their adjustment to social life at Utah State University.



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