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Degree Name:

Master of Science (MS)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

Committee Chair(s)

Regan Zane


Regan Zane


Dorai Yelaverthi


Hongjie Wang


Don Cripps


As the ownership of electric vehicles keeps rising, an increasing power burden is inflicted upon the existing grid infrastructure, which will soon be unable to supply enough power from the medium voltage transmission lines. Replacing this infrastructure will come at a high cost and years of construction. Consequently, there has been a need for creative and adaptable solutions that are capable of supporting the existing grid infrastructure as well as meeting the increasing peak power demand. Grid supporting solutions include static wireless charging, dynamic wireless charging, and direct charging systems that are capable of processing high power from relatively high input voltages.

The following thesis takes part in the development of a 560 kW, 4.16 kV medium-voltage AC-DC converter for high-power wireless charging of electric drayage trucks. This solution allows the increased power demands to be accessed directly from the medium voltage grid and bypasses the existing grid infrastructure. The scope of this thesis extends beyond the development of a single AC-DC converter by addressing complex control challenges and seeking a modularized control structure between high-power modules, which are used to form the full converter.



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