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Master of Science (MS)


Mathematics and Statistics

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Jürgen Symanzik


Jürgen Symanzik


Adele Cutler


Sarah Schwartz


Breanna Studenka


Eye tracking is a technology used to track where someone is looking. Eye-tracking technology is often used to study what people focus on when looking at a photo of another person. The eye-tracking technology records points on a photo that a person is looking at. When the photo being looked at shows a person, the points can be categorized by body part such as head, right hand, left hand, and torso. This thesis presents the use of partially circular areas to define the body parts of the person in the photo and therefore categorize the points collected by the eye-tracker. The participants for this study consisted of 20 people who practiced yoga and 20 people who did not practice yoga. These participants were asked to look at 22 pictures of a person standing in different postures. In this thesis, we analyze differences in how those who practice yoga look at the pictures compared to those who do not practice yoga using the partially circular areas to define where the points belong.