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Master of Science (MS)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Todd K. Moon


Todd K. Moon


Jacob H. Gunther


Reyhan Baktur


Finding the source location of a radio-frequency (RF) transmission is a useful capability for many civilian, industrial, and military applications. This problem is particularly challenging when done “Blind,” or when the transmitter was not designed with finding its location in mind, and relatively little information is available about the signal before-hand. Typical methods for this operation utilize the time, phase, power, and frequency viewable from received signals. These features are all less predictable in indoor and urban environments, where signals undergo transformation from multiple interactions with the environment. These interactions imprint structure onto the received signal which is dependent on the transmission path, and therefore the initial location. Using a received signal, a signal characteristic known as the autocorrelation can be computed which will largely be shaped by this information. In this research, RF source localization using finger-printing (a technique involving matching to a known database) with signal autocorrelations is explored. A Gaussian-process-based method for autocorrelation based fingerprinting is proposed. Performance of this method is evaluated using a ray-tracing-based simulation of an indoor environment.