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Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science

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John Edwards


John Edwards


Andrew Brim


Vicki Allan


This thesis is focused on gathering, aggregating and analysing data related to software development coding bootcamps. It comprises of three major research initiatives: A coding bootcamp outcomes meta-analysis, a study on perspectives regarding white-label coding bootcamps, and the data analysis of a survey gathering long-term outcomes of coding bootcamp and certificate program graduates.

The first study aggregates graduate outcome data from the three main organizations that review coding bootcamp outcomes:, and the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR). The purpose of this meta-review is to establish a baseline dataset which is immediately utilized in my further research. It also acts as a baseline for future research.

The second study is designed to gather opinions on White-label coding bootcamps from currently employed software engineers and software engineering managers. White-label coding bootcamps are a newer business model that has developed in the last decade and are coding bootcamp education providers who provide out of the box bootcamp solutions for existing education institutions. This study proposes that white-label coding bootcamps are a risk for all parties involved in the transaction. Namely, the white-label provider, the partnering education institution, and the students. The data potentially indicated that the public maintains neutral to positive opinions on the white-label programs when they unaware of the particular business model. However, when an individual becomes aware of the relationship, their opinion demonstrates a negativity to the program.

The third study is focused on gathering long-term outcome data from graduates of coding bootcamps and certificate programs. This gathered data will fill a gap in the currently collected outcome data available to the public. It is also being utilized to determine the potential factors that impact long-term salary growth and software engineering transition for these graduates.