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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Scott E. Budge


Scott E. Budge


Jacob H. Gunther


Rose Hu


Todd K. Moon


Xiaojun Qi


Textured Digital Surface Model (TDSM) is a three-dimensional terrain map with texture overlaid on it. Utah State University has developed a texel camera which can capture a 3D image called a texel image. A TDSM can be constructed by combining these multiple texel images, which is much cheaper than the traditional method. The overall goal is to create a TDSM for a larger area that is cheaper and equally accurate as the TDSM created using a high-cost system.

The images obtained from such an inexpensive camera have a lot of errors. To create scientifically accurate TDSM, the error presented in the image must be corrected. An automatic process to create TDSM is presented that can handle a large number of input texel images. The advantage of using such a large set of input images is that they can cover a large area on the ground, making the algorithm suitable for large-scale applications. This is done by processing images and correcting them in a windowing manner. Furthermore, the appearance of the final 3D terrain map is improved by selecting the texture from many candidate images. This ensures that the best texture is selected. The selection criteria are discussed. Lastly, a method to increase the resolution of the final image is discussed. The methods described in this dissertation improve the current technique of creating TDSM, and the results are shown and analyzed.