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F. Ross Peterson


F. Ross Peterson


Douglas Alder


Kenneth Hunsaker


The well-known Mormon historical figure, Martin Harris, spent the last five years of his life in Cache Valley, Utah. Most of the research done to this point on this man, who claimed to have seen angels and heard the voice of God, has been on the early years of LDS Church history during which Harris was intimately involved with the coming forth of The Book of Mormon. Little has been done on his years in Cache Valley, except for collections of affidavits concerning his testimony.

This study gives a brief overview of Harris's first eighty-seven years, his journey to Utah, and his six-week stay in Salt Lake City. The seminal writings on Harris's four years in Smithfield, resulting from original research, emphasize his reason for coming to Smithfield, where he lived, what family conditions existed in the home where he resided, his contact with people, and why he left Smithfield for Clarkston. The nine or ten months Harris spent in Clarkston before his death are viewed through the eyes and memories of local townspeople who knew him.