Banking and Finance in Cache Valley, 1856-1956

Patricia Kaye Hurren, Utah State University

This work made publicly available electronically on May 23, 2011.


For one hundred years Cache Valley has been a growing segment of the American economy. Alternating periods of national financial stress and prosperity have been reflected in this Valley. In addition, Cache Valley has been confronted with certain distinct economic and financial problems and has produced her own solutions to these problems. Although her economy is based in large part on agriculture, the existence of the state agricultural college and a number of industries in her midst has induced economic growth and influenced economic development. Cache Valley provides fertile ground for study of a representative segment of the American economy. Likewise, it offers a fruitful case-study of Utah, Western, and Mountain economic development. Few of the men who lived during the making of Cache Valley's early history are living today to tell its story with their own lips. With the help of those who are today living a new cache Valley financial story, the writer has completed a history of finance using both primary and secondary sources.