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Master of Science (MS)


Human Development and Family Studies

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Sarah Tulane


Sarah Tulane


Diana Meter


Ramy Shaaban


There are an increasing number of individuals who participate in multiplayer video games and an increase in screen time overall. Due to the increase in online video game play, this study aimed to find possible positive impacts that online multiplayer video games had on freshmen who are adjusting to college, as this is a pivotal point in life. The data were collected at the beginning of the second semester and 99 freshman, 18 years or older, who regularly engaged in online multiplayer video games participated in the study. The study showed four important findings: First, students who receive support from online gaming experience lower levels of stress. Second, students who think negatively about online gaming tend to have lower levels of college adjustment. Third, higher levels of negative thoughts about gaming are linked to feeling more stressed. Fourth, students who feel less stressed tend to adjust better to college.