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The Piute ground squirrel, (Spermophilus mollis), populations on agricultural lands in Beaver County, Utah are increasing. It is a small gray squirrel found in Nevada and western Utah. It eats grasses, alfalfa and other agronomic crops. High populations of ground squirrels can compete with livestock for forage; destroy food crops, golf courses, and lawns; and can be reservoirs for diseases such as plague. Their burrowing activities alter irrigation systems. Burrow mounds not only cover and kill vegetation, but can damage haying machinery. These squirrels are currently costing farmers in western Utah hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost crops and in control costs. For the past 10 years USU Extension has conducted a number of trials to determine best management practices to reduce squirrel numbers in Southern Utah. These control methods include using different types of bait, timing, and baiting strategies and using different methods of fumigation. Because of our research we were able to get a Section 24(c) Special Local Need Label from the State of Utah for the Rozol Vole Bait for the control of the Piute Ground Squirrel.

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