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Maple trees (Acer sp.) are a common fixture and beautiful addition to Utah landscapes. There are over one hundred species, each with numerous cultivars (cultivated varieties) that are native to both North America and much of Northern Europe. Trees vary in size and shape, from small, almost prostrate forms like certain Japanese maples (Acer palmatum) and shrubby bigtooth maples (Acer grandidentatum) to large and stately shade trees like the Norway maple (Acer platanoides). Tree shape can vary greatly, ranging from upright, columnar, rounded, pyramidal to spreading. Because trees come in a range of shapes and sizes, there is almost always a spot in a landscape that can be enhanced by the addition of a maple. Maples can create a focal point and ornamental interest in the landscape, providing interesting textures and colors, and of course, shade. Fall colors typically range from yellow to bright red, adding a burst of color to the landscape late in the season. This fact sheet reviews recommended cultivars and their planting and care.



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