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Purpose: The purpose of the 2022 Utah College Sexual Behavior Survey project was to use retrospective sexual behavior and education measures to gain a better understanding of the sexual behaviors and perceptions of sex education of Utah youth by asking students aged 18-21 years old about their sexual behaviors as youth.

Measures: The survey questions represented ten topical areas. These areas included questions about: basic demographics; non-penetrative sex; penetrative sex; contraceptive use and pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection (STI) prevention; communication and consent; sexting; sex education; attitudes about sex; current sex behavior; and university programming.

Method: A one-time survey was disseminated to students at three Universities in Utah between the ages of 18-21. We relied on a convenience sampling strategy to answer the research questions guiding this study.

Analysis: Univariate statistics were conducted to summarize characteristics of the data derived.

Results: This report outlines the descriptive results from the 2022 Utah College Sexual Behavior Survey. Results showed that youth in Utah engage in non-penetrative and penetrative sex. Participants also reported wanting additional sex education, and rated friends and family among their most trusted sources of information related to sex education.



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