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Weeds around the home are a general or injury. Often a veterinarian is needed to nuisance, mar the natural beauty of a landscape, remove the seeds. and decrease the value or marketability of Weeds cost Utah farmers millions of dollars residential properties. Weeds ruin lawns, each year in damage to both crops and livestock. gardens, and flowerbeds. Some weeds even grow The consumer pays more for food because of through blacktop. Weeds may cause hayfever, be these losses. a fire hazard, and harbor insects or diseases. Much of the damage caused by weeds They cause flat tires, puncture bare feet, and around homes can be prevented, but considerable cause skin irritation. effort is required. Persistence and patience are Pets also are affected by weeds. Seeds or the keys to successful weed control. burs tangled in a pet’s hair are unsightly and This pamphlet will help you identify those irritating. Sharp or barbed weed seeds may enter techniques and tools most effective in managing their ears, nose, or eyes causing great discomfort your own landscape and garden weeds.

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