Facticity: Critical Thought in a Time of Doubt


Utah State University’s (USU) department heads sponsored a yearlong, campus-wide initiative called Facticity: Critical Thought in a Time of Doubt. This program provided the campus community with a setting in which we could come together to discuss the variable nature of truth. We hosted four themed panel discussions over the year, two each semester. This interdisciplinary series focused on the methods, tools, and evidence that a variety of academic disciplines use to determine the validity of claims. Each panel included four faculty and one moderator from a range of disciplines. In addition to panels, we conducted workshops on strategies and best practices for faculty who wanted to engage with these issues in their courses.

All panels will took place at the Eccles Conference Center Auditorium. Panel discussions were followed by a reception where audience members had the opportunity to speak with panel members.

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2017-2018 Facticity Panels