Price of Shelter: Housing Issues Affecting Low-income,New Immigrant Latinos

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Housing and Society





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This qualitative study identified housing issues affecting low-income, new immigrant Latino families in a recently designated metropolitan county. Researchers conducted focus groups with real estate professionals and interviews with Latino families. It was concluded that the housing challenges facing low-income Latinos in Cache County, Utah, were similar to those issues highlighted in quantitative research results. However, this research provided “a voice” for Latinos to express their views. It gave insights into the lives of immigrants attempting to learn the U.S. system of banking and checking. It also addressed the plight of the largest and fastest growing minority in the U.S. For example, the problem with obtaining affordable housing was directly related to Latinos’ struggles with low income and job stability. Their housing conditions were also influenced by a lack of financial knowledge in all aspects of the U.S. banking and credit system, and especially of the mortgage lending industry. Discrimination in the real estate and rental markets continued to be a major hindrance to the advancement of this minority group. Even after low-income Latinos obtained a rental unit or purchased a home they still faced problems of low quality housing. Most of them understood the social and economic benefits that derive from homeowner ship, but many could not obtain it because of their struggles with low income, legal status, and/or discrimination.

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