Food Structure


The texture of steam-cooked potatoes was investigated by examining the fracture planes of four different cultivars, using cryo-scanning electron microscopy (cryo-SEM), which yielded a good preservation of the hydrated structures in potato tissue . For all cultivars , fracturing after steam -cooking took place between cells preferentially alongside the cell walls. However, textural difference appeared from the degree of intercellular contact, the cell shape and the appearance of cell surfaces. Cells in the fracture planes of firm potatoes had large intercellular contacts. In this case, most of the cells were flat and cell surfaces showed folds and cracks . For mealy potatoes , it appeared that cells in the fracture planes had little intercellular contacts . The cells were round and turgid and had smooth surfaces . In conclusion, the structure of cell wall and middle lamella , and the starch content , appear to be important parameters to distingui sh firm and mealy cultivars.

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