Food Structure

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Properties of irradiated starches have been outlined in this review . ')' -radiation generates free radicals on starch molecules which cause changes in starch properties . The intensity of free radicals is dependent upon starch moisture content , and temperature and duration of storage. Increasing dosages of -y-irradiation creates in creasing intensities of free radicals on carbohydrates. These free radicals are responsible for bringing about molecular changes and fragmentation of starch molec ules. Increasing ')' -irradiation dosages cause an in crease in acidity , and decreases in viscosity and water solubility of starches. The granule structure remains visually undamaged at low dosages of irradiation, but may suffer severe damage at higher dosages (100 kGy) . Safety of irradiated foods continues to remain a subject of public concern . Studies have shown that irradiated foods are toxicologically and chemically safe for human consumption. Irradiation of starchy foods can be controlled to bring about required changes beneficial to the industry , and at the same time provide wholesome food to the consumers.

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