Food Structure


The crumb of bread baked from wheat flour, rye flour, and rye meal was examined by light( LM ) and scanning electron-microscopy {SEM) . Whereas in the wheat bread the crumb is held together by a matrix of denatured protein, in the rye bread crumb highly expanded starch granules fulfill that r ole . Fractur i ng freeze-dried crumb ~rovided different information than sectioning !Jrior to freeze-drying . In the first case, little damage was caused to components of outer surfaces of vacuoles. In the second case , the protein matrix and starch granules were broken. At the same time, the presence of micropores in the material surrounding the vacuole was observed and confirmed the findings from LM of sections of the bread c rumb . Examinat ion by SEM of residues of bread crumb macerated to wash out soluble starch demonstrated the presence of a residual coherent structu re of app arently denatured gl uten proteins in wheat bread. In rye bread there were only few similar, less coherent, structures.

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