Food Structure


In order to determine cytological effects of microwave heating compared to conductive heating, whole potatoes were heated in a microwave oven in plastic bags for 0.5, 1 and 2 minutes and in boiling water for 5. 10 and 20 minutes. Both heating treatments caused swelling and partial disruption of starch granules. However, as observed with scanning electron microscopy, swelling patterns of starch granules were different in potatoes using the two heating processes. In conductive heating potatoes were heated from the outside to the inside. Microwave heated potatoes were heated fairly uniformly in different regions of tubers. The weight loss of potatoes was insignificant with both heat treatments. The sottening of potatoes heated in boiling water corresponded with conductive heating patterns. With both conventional heating and microwave heating potatoes were softer outside than inside, although this pattern did not correspond with heating patterns with microwave heating.

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