Educational Policies Committee

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Curriculum Subcommittee Minutes


Old Main 136 (Champ Hall Conference Room)

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College of Business

  • New Course

School of Accountancy

  • Credit Hour Change, Prerequisite Change, Course Description Change, Course Number Change, Repeatable for Credit Change

Department of Economics

  • University Studies Request

Department of Management and Human Resources

  • New Course
  • Title Change, Credit Hour Change
  • Title Change
  • Service Learning Request

Department of Biological and Irrigation Engineering

  • New Course

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • New Course
  • Title Change

Department of History

  • New Course
  • New Course, University Studies Designation

Department of Languages, Philosophy, and Speech Communication

  • Credit Hour Change

Department of Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology

  • New Course
  • Add Multiple List, Dual List Change, Course Number Change


  • Thesis and dissertation grades as P/F only
  • Adding an emphasis in the area of Computational Engineering to the existing Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • Composite Mathematics/Statistics major
  • Composite Agricultural Systems Technology/Agribusiness major
  • Awarding up to 16 lower-division foreign language credits to students who have two year proficiency in languages not taught at USU
  • Third week and end of term reports show the student credit hours for multiple-listed courses as credited to the department of the instructor
  • Requiring a breadth course for each student’s major
  • SOC 1010 grade requirement change
  • Proposed Composite Teaching – Physical Science BS/BA - Snow College and Utah State University Partnership
  • Revision to the Dual Major definition contained in the Academic Policies and Procedures Manual