Educational Policies Committee

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Curriculum Subcommittee Minutes


University Inn, Room 508

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Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences

  • Credit Hour Change
  • Title Change, Course Description Change
  • Delete Course

Department of Management Information Systems

  • Prerequisite Change

Department of Biological and Irrigation Engineering

  • New Course

Department of Journalism and Communication

  • Prerequisite Change
  • Add Multiple List, Prerequisite Change

Department of Languages, Philosophy, and Speech Communication

  • New Course

Department of Music

  • New Course
  • Title Change, Credit Hour Change, Prerequisite Change, Course Description Change, Add Repeatable for Credit

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

  • New Course
  • Prerequisite Change
  • Delete Course


  • Offering a Master of Music degree with an emphasis in Piano Performance and Pedagogy
  • Offering a Latin Teaching Minor
  • Restructuring the Elementary Education and Secondary Education Departments into a School of Teacher Education and Leadership
  • If American Sign Language is considered a foreign language
  • Changing the internal coding of the “Pass” grade to be the same as the internal coding for a C-