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This artwork visually explores how we experience light in the context of space and material through a series of screen prints created in part with funding from the Undergraduate Research and Creative Opportunities Grant. Preliminary research involved studying the works of the 1960's West Coast Light and Space Artists and the movement's subsequent evolution to the present-day, the interconnected phenomenology of light and space, as well as the existing and developing philosophies of aesthetics most specifically related to the Sublime in a contemporary context. The goal of this project is not to create work similar in appearance to that of the Light and Space artists, but rather, it seeks to add to the dialogue and establish that light as a particle and phenomenon is undoubtedly an object of sublimity and the heightened awareness of light in all its variety can create feelings of transcendence within the observer.


Utah State University

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Art and Design

Object of Sublimity, Light: Particle and Phenomenon.