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During this time of a global pandemic, people are most likely spending much more time on digital devices. That includes college students. It's natural when isolating or in quarantine to turn to digital devices for information and relationships. How much screen time is a good idea? Is there such a thing as too much screen time? Have college students thought of ways to reduce screen time? If so, has a digital detox been an option they have thought about? This project looks at college students and their screen time using a mixed methods approach. Two groups of students were surveyed: one will have had an experience trying Digital Detox, the intentional reduction of reduced screen time; a second group will not have had such an experience. Interviews of experts on computer use, screen time, and digital detox also revealed insights into this cultural phenomenon, which is exacerbated in the time of COVID-19.


Utah State University

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English Language and Literature

College Students and Screen Time on Digital Devices During COVID-19