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The Ancient Egyptians are infamous for their love of cats, but what about dogs? It turns out that dogs were equally loved and praised in Egyptian culture. A large part of this comes from the religious significance of dogs- they are connected to the afterlife through Anubis, the god of the dead, and were thought to act as companions and guides to humans in the afterlife. Anubis is an interesting god to look at because he's one of the oldest and most respected gods. In today's terms, we refer to him as having a jackal head, but the Egyptians considered him to be dog-headed. They even called him the "dog that swallows millions" in reference to his role in judging the dead. Other than religion, dogs were practically useful, and were also commonly kept as pets. These pets were commonly named until around the 26th Dynasty and almost always wore collars.


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Biological Engineering

Dogs in Ancient Egypt