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In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, many social norms in society have changed. Social norms have changed as well as how businesses function. Many people spend more time at home than outside, and infection is still on the rise. Workers and their employers have turned to remote or tele-commuting solutions to avoid spread of COVID-19. Businesses and other establishments that employ considerable numbers of people had to develop communication plans or draw on existing emergency procedures to ensure that processes continued as normally as possible. This research project was designed to examine the changes that have been implemented in the workplace, particularly how they affect communication in the workplace. It is important to understand the effects of these new policies and procedures to understand how helpful or harmful they are to the workplace. It is also important to understand how coworkers are expected to communicate on a virtual platform. The philosophies behind the communication plan for employees is also being investigated. The study was set at the Space Dynamics Laboratory (SDL), a Utah State University Research Foundation, which focuses on the engineering of parts used in satellites sent to space.


Utah State University

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English Language and Literature

A Profile on the Effects of a Worldwide Pandemic on Writing in the Workplace