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The work below is other research conducted in the same area, does having antisocial personality disorders or psychopathy make a person more violent. The study will include those who have committed a violent crime; to narrow the pool more, these individuals will be serving life sentences or be on death row. The individuals will have a rigorous interview to go through that will establish what traits they carry and if they have any specific disorders. The individuals’ files will then be analyzed. We are looking for what kind of crime, the nature of the crime, the violence used during the crime, and court transcripts from the defense looking for any mention of mental illness during the trial. Once the data is collected, it will be put through statistical software to calculate the R-value and see any statistical significance in mental health disorders and violent crimes. The study's conclusion will then be presented with an explanation of whether the hypothesis is supported or if it is not supported. The article will end with a description of the study’s limitations and questions the experiment brings up.

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Logan, UT


antisocial personality disorder, violent crime, inmates, psychopathy



Antisocial Personality Disorder/ Psychopathy With an Increase of Violent Crime

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