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The purpose of this investigation is to learn about the Latinx experience with Covid-19 in Cache Valley, Utah. For this research, we interviewed twelve Latinx families who explained in detail their perceived and conceived notions of Covid-19, and how they survived compounded social disadvantages such as fear of unemployment, inability to pay rent/mortgage, eviction, lack of safeguards in their jobs, worry about medical costs, isolation, and fear of deportation. After the interviews, we identified five interconnected aspects that all families shared: 1) Fears and stigma about Covid-19; 2) Economic distress and how they received support from the community and government institutions; 3) Faith and community resiliency; 4) Mental health, addictions and fears; 5) Misinformation and beliefs ingrained in social norms. Our findings suggest that during the pandemic, the Latinx community kept the economy from collapsing, sacrificing their health for their families and for this country. The community response saved many undocumented families from uncertainty and despair, helping families who otherwise would not have been able to receive any help or support.

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Logan, UT


COVID-19, religious beliefs, shared community, pandemic effects



The Impact of COVID-19 on the Latinx Community in Cache Valley, Utah.

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