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This paper will discuss racial inequality studies at Utah State University Campuses and include multiple studies of racial inequality on campuses around the United States. Each of these additional studies is focused on different aspects of how a campus can be neglecting or hurtful to their students or patrons, in ways such as academics, financial aid, athletics, rigorous schedules, student and classroom atmosphere, and lack of student resources and encouragement. This paper and study will focus on different racial minorities and what racial oppression and social class inequality they have experienced on campus, and how it creates barriers for them to learn and succeed. The articles and analysis conducted show different aspects of inequality that are placed in front of students of color, such as, disadvantages in University admissions, financial aid or scholarships opportunities, athletics, rigorous schedules, peer and staff encouragement, and the lack of student resources. This paper and study will also discuss the aspects in which campuses can improve and help close the gap between students' opportunities and feeling of belonging on campuses, especially predominantly White Campuses.

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Logan, UT


racial inequality, minorities, belonging, learning barriers



Students Perception of Racial Inequality on Utah State Campus

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