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As more video games are advertised and released, they include more uses and forms of microtransactions and gambling. Microtransactions are where you can spend money for a virtual currency inside the game that you can then use to buy in game items and cosmetics. Through the use of advertising these skins, cosmetics, and other items, they prey on the desires of children that want something that looks “cool” or “amazing.” Indulging in these circumstances can lead into gambling problems and can even cause mental health issues. While adults can also suffer from these issues, it is more prevalent in emerging adults who have already been exposed to it. Using my own experiences and those of others, it is necessary that laws or regulations be formed around this situation so that we can help to prevent the outcomes. Other nations have already adopted laws banning forms of microtransactions and we have introduced a bill to Congress, but it did not pass. By raising awareness and demanding a change, we just might be able to save some of the youth in our world today.

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video games, microtransactions, gambling, mental health



Are Laws and Regulation Necessary for Microtransactions and Loot Boxes?

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