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As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of people have lost thousands of dollars, and some much more. As a result, the government issued aid in the form of stimulus checks, with the intention to stimulate the economy and compensate for money lost. The government is not adding value to the economy, but merely moving it around, and in many cases simply making it worse. The checks allude to an even bigger issue: that of universal income and welfare checks. Although these things may be helpful to the individual, they are ineffective and harmful to the economy because they haven’t brought people back above the poverty line, haven’t brought people back to work like they were intended to do, and have contributed to the increase of inflation, and therefore should be modified to be more effective. By learning and studying deeper economic concepts, we as an economy will be able to avoid these dangers and downfalls of economic illiteracy and be able to advocate against policies that lead to economic recession. This presentation seeks to help identify what we can do as a society that will change the specific outcomes of unnecessary government aid.

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COVID-19, stimulus checks, government, economy


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Effects of the Checks