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Every year the American Society of Landscape Architects, otherwise known as ASLA, issues awards for exceptional designs and research in the field of Landscape Architecture. These awards include both Professional and Student awards. Our study analyzes 13,000 award-winning project images over the last 15 years to discover the common trends that create award winning projects. Recognizing these trends enables the USU Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning program, or LAEP, to set the bar high and help our students enter the field equipped to change the world. Our analysis of the creative flow, graphics, and styles in award winning projects can guide decisions for strengthening the LAEP program to benefit students. As a developing LA, I now have a comprehensive understanding of what makes the highest quality design work and have seen the effects in my desire to learn and my quality of production. My hope is that this study and database will equally benefit my fellow students.

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Logan, UT


landscape architecture, American Society of Landscape Architects, education, job preparation


Environmental Design | Landscape Architecture

Analysis of ASLA Awards: Building a Stronger Landscape Architecture Program