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Social media is an ever-growing and present tool in the lives of college students. One of the most popular social media apps among young adults is TikTok. Its short video gratification keeps viewers scrolling well beyond their expected app use, and in consequence, exposes them to a variety of brands, commercials, and products (purposefully marketed or not). Over the pandemic, thousands of TikTok users have shared their book recommendations on the app, which created the side of TikTok known as BookTok. This study analyzes the power and influence BookTok has had on college students’ leisurely reading choices. The methods used during this study included participant surveys and an in-depth interview with an owner of a popular BookTok account. Not only will this data provide a scope of the impact social media has on college students’ leisurely reading, but it will create a connection between social media influence and book sales.

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Logan, UT


TikTok, social media, reading choices, book recommendations


English Language and Literature

The Power of BookTok: An Analysis of the Influence of TikTok on College Students' Leisurely Reading