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Since the late 19th Century, fraternities and sororities have been unique college organizations. Today however, Greek Life’s existence is being threatened by problems that it has created. Sexual assault, member harm, and destructive recruitment techniques are prevalent in the community. These are the primary issues raised by the Abolish Greek Life movement. On the other hand, Greek Life has been a great community from which individuals can build lifelong friends and develop personally and professionally, as many have experienced. My research investigated women’s, LGBTQIA+ students’, working class’s, and fraternity members’ perspectives to gain insight on problems, solutions, and the future of Greek Life. Ultimately, I found that each chapter must analyze its relationship with sexual assault, membership harm, and recruitment, incorporating the perspectives of those most affected by Greek Life. If fraternities and sororities fix their problems, this community has the potential to be a fantastic asset to campuses as well as be a key tool for social change. Fraternities and sororities are unique collegiate organizations. AGL has brought to light serious problems in Greek Life that need immediate solutions. However, abolition of the community would be a mistake. With the proper reforms, fraternities and sororities can be organizations that build strong personal relationships, develop useful professional skills, and empower their members to live better lifestyles.

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Logan, UT


Greek Life, sexual assault, abolition, reform


Political Science

A Case For Greek Life