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About 8.5% of the United States population has no form of healthcare. The rest of the population either has a form of public or private insurance given to them by the government, private insurers, or employers. But there are countries worldwide that have systems where every citizen has healthcare. This is called universal healthcare. Universal Healthcare has shown to be more effective because it portrays healthcare as less of a privilege and more of a right to all. But many Americans view this kind of system as controlling and a system that takes away your freedom. But as studies and personal accounts have shown, universal healthcare is more beneficial to the whole population than systems with sole private healthcare. We will explore the healthcare system of the United States and Canada to find out if the United States should finally enact plans that are similar to those of our friendly neighbors to the north. But to form a system that still portrays the ideals of our nation but instead is a system built for the rich, have the system built majority.

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Universal Healthcare: Is it the Future?