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This project aims to explore the reading habits of a small group of pre-law students at Utah State University and three attorneys. The first goal of this project was to understand how USU students required academic reading has influenced the way they read for pleasure. The second goal of this project was to explore the reading lives of three attorneys, including a self-evaluation of their past academic reading, their current professional reading, and how their professional reading has influenced the way they read for pleasure today. A mixed methodology consisting of online surveys and interviews was used to approach these research questions. A Qualtrics survey was sent to the USU students, while a face-to-face meeting, a Zoom meeting, and a phone interview were used to interview the three attorneys. This project questions if the amount of reading required of pre-law students and attorneys diminishes their desire to read for pleasure if they even have time for such leisurely activities. The data gathered in this study suggests that students and lawyers do not lose their desire to read over time because of the amount of reading they do in their academic and professional lives. Simultaneously the data gathered from this research shows that not all lawyers read John Grisham for fun.

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Logan, UT


reading habits, pre-law, attorneys


English Language and Literature

Not All Lawyers Read John Grisham: An Exploration of the Reading Habits of Pre-Law Students and Attorneys