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The instruction of creative writing encourages students to engage in creative thinking. This leads to students using a variety of approaches to solve problems, analyze multiple viewpoints, adapt ideas, and arrive to new solutions. The purpose of this research is to identify ways educators can improve the incorporation and use of creative writing for secondary aged students. I surveyed students enrolled in creative writing class at USU about their previous school writing as well as interviewed former secondary school teachers about their experiences with creative writing in secondary school. In this study, I dive into some of the different lessons that have been taught in the past, what some students took away from the classes they participated in, and skills that both teacher and student wished had been taught. The one piece of feedback most heavily received was this: we want more. More creative writing courses, more teachers integrating creative writing in their curriculum and more chances to write creatively in secondary school.

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Logan, UT


creative thinking, creative writing, incorporation, secondary education


Social and Behavioral Sciences

Please, Sir, Can We Have More? Suggestions for Teaching Creative Writing in Secondary Education