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Dating apps are becoming increasingly more prevalent in the lives of many. This led me to ask, do dating apps lead to success for all groups of people, and what defines success for these people? To conduct this research I looked for sources in a variety of online databases, looking for both primary and secondary sources on the success rates and outcomes of using dating apps. I also used my own personal experiences with dating apps. Research for this topic was done through online databases and search engines. Through my research, exploring all sides of dating apps and taking into account personal and other shared experiences of many, I found that an individual's experience on dating apps is based much on what they want and are looking for, but that doesn't always guarantee a successful long term relationship or that you won't be faced with forms of harassment. If a person finds themselves on a dating app, they should proceed with caution. Many people, but especially minorities experience forms of harassment on dating apps. While some may be looking for a long term relationship, others are looking for a casual hookup which can make it hard for an individual to navigate. To further my research, I would like to look into more of the differences between men and women on these apps, and how the increase in hookup culture and harassment affects each gender.

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Logan, UT


dating apps, harassment, individual experience, long term relationship


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Dating Apps: Proceed With Caution