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Wild Horses have been around for as long as anyone can remember. However, there has been a great debate that these horses are harmful to the environment and they need to be taken care of either by rehoming or slaughtering. This study aims to determine why people think these horses are harmful and what has been done to try and solve the issue. I conducted my research mostly by researching keywords and evaluating my search results to examine credible sources. The three major claims that I wanted to make sure I addressed in my paper were the history and background of these horses, how they affect the environment, and what the public's opinions were on these horses and on this current issue. I was also focused on reviewing biological and ecological studies. Overall, what I was able to find was that this issue is complex and complicated based on both facts and opinions. I have come to the conclusion that there will always be horse advocates finding reasons why wild horses are in fact beneficial to the public and the environment and there will always be non-horse advocates conducting research that these horses are harmful and need to be taken care of. After I have conducted all of this research I was able to come to the conclusion that this debate is likely to be unresolved because there will always be two sides to the debate that are not able to come to a conclusion together.

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Logan, UT


biological studies, environmental impact, freedom, wild horses


Social and Behavioral Sciences

Wild/Feral Horses: the Great Debate Between Freedom and Capturing