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The aviation community today has little diversity, women and women of color are under represented. Through this study I was hoping to discover the reasons for this gender gap and the lack of diversity in this community. Research was conducted using library and internet resources to locate both primary and secondary research. As well as personal experience within this community allowed me to review documents to find reasoning for this gender and diversity gap. This gender and diversity gap in the aviation community is due to the lack of role models and women being responsible for breaking through gender stereotypes themselves. To increase the number of women in the aviation community we must increase the number of women in higher positions creating a conducive and accepting work environment that allows women to build support groups and communities. As well as address gender stereotypes in our society to make women entering the aviation community easier and more inviting. By addressing these problems we will increase the number of women in aviation and diversify this community.

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aviation community, diversity, gender gap, role models



Women in the Aviation Community

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