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This study reflects the answers that I have found to the question "How does depression affect the ability of college students to have and maintain a good mindset?" Research was conducted using library and internet resources to locate both primary and secondary research. Academic articles and extensive studies were reviewed and analyzed to better understand what mindset is, what depression is, what challenges college students face, and ultimately the barriers that students with depressive disorders face as they try to maintain a healthy mindset while attending college. Over the course of my research and studies I have gained a deeper understanding of what mindset is. I have learned that depending on our goals and challenges we may alter or change our mindset to be able to best adapt and handle the situation. I have learned and studied the various effects of depression and have come to understand that depression itself can act as its own mindset. And finally I have learned different skills and treatments that college students who suffer from depressive disorders can use to better maintain their mindset and succeed in college.

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college students, depression, depressive disorders, healthy mindset



Depression Provides Additional Obstacles/Barriers for College Students to Maintain a Healthy Mindset

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