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My research investigates the problems with inflation today, starting with questions about what is causing inflation in the first place and how this will affect the economy. What made me first question why inflation is rising was simply noticing the continuous rise in ice cream prices one of my favorite treats. I did research through the internet and library resources finding primary and secondary research. I found that Inflation has been affected by multiple conflicts or problems over the past years, like less production and struggles in commerce, but the biggest one currently is labor shortages. Some other events causing these problems are the war in Ukraine, the Bird flu, the smaller farming community, the government support packages, and the rush to restart the economy after COVID. The result has become a spiraling loop causing business struggles to heighten inflation, making it harder to get products and making labor more expensive. The effect that inflation is having is devastating for restaurants, food vendors, and low-income families. The government is working to improve the spike in the past year still the rates are dangerously close to an Economic recession. It can be frustrating to wait and see if the government's interest hikes will work, but for now, we can help people in need by donating more to food pantries.

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business struggles, economic recession, economy, food inflation


Social and Behavioral Sciences

The Many Cause of Food Inflation