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In this study, I was hoping to learn more about the differences between the omnivore diet and plant-based diet in relation to the effects on an athlete. Research was conducted using library and internet resources to locate both primary and secondary research. For this study, personal accounts and experiences of athletes who had experimented with a plant based diet were examined. Research showed that although a very enticing option for a healthy diet for athletes, the plant-based diet is just as effective as a balanced omnivore diet but much more difficult to do properly and is much less accessible to those in third world and other situations of struggle. This was shown through the performance and muscle levels of plant-based diets, and through the inability to convert a plant-based diet for those in low income areas. Moving forward, it should be recognized in the athletics world that there are alternative diets that are just as effective as the mainstream omnivore diet, however it must be cautioned that it may take a place of privilege to accesse these alternate diet options.

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Logan, UT


alternate diet options, athletes, effectiveness, plant-based diet


Physical Sciences and Mathematics

The Effect of the Plant-Based Diet on Athletes and its Limitations